Courge Delicata. Courge Potimarron Red Kuri. Courgette Dark Green. Concombres/Cornichons Klimaro F1 Kosaro F1 cabbage Ramco F1 Robustor F1 Vitalis Bloemkool / Cauliflower Edith F1 E 40W.591 F1 Koolrabi / Kohlrabi Vikora F1 To braise cabbage, give thin slices of cabbage a quick saute (just a couple minutes will do), then salt, and add liquid (e.g., wine, water, vinegar, and broth) and cook until the liquid evaporates and the cabbage is nice and tender -- check after about 5 minutes. Early cabbage cultivars (“Marcello”, “Bandolero”) were likely purchased between 04 and 05 September 2019, whereas later cabbage cultivars (“Storema”, “Lennox”, “Impala”, “Futurima”, “Klimaro”, “Rodynda”, “Dowinda”) could be purchased between 09 September 2019 and 06 November 2019.

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Plants per ha: 30-50. Varieties perform differently under different climatic conditions, and are usually only suitable for specific markets. For more elaborate information about this variety in a specific market, visit the assortments on our country websites, via www.bejo.com/countries. Klimaro Cabbage (Treated Seed) $ 46.30 – $ 1,514.00. Very uniform and productive in the field and excellent in storage. Large heads weigh in at 6 – 8 lbs. SKU: N/A Categories: Vegetable Seed, Cabbage Seeds, Red Storage.

Épinards. Avon Spinach. Lakeside Spinach. Maïs.

A Delicious Novelty! 150 Seeds £2.25. Item code:11329. hybrid cabbage seed KLIMARO F1. early cabbage seed OMERO F1. hybrid. TOMATO. red tomato seed RESOLUTE F1. round hybrid.

Klimaro cabbage

Description An extremely versatile variety, Klimaro can harvested when small or grown large. In fact, it can be grown so large, that this variety currently holds the record for the heaviest red cabbage, weighing in at an impressive 23.2kg (51.1 lbs)! It has a small core and fantastic internal colour and will stand well without going overmature.
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Savoy cabbage | Chou frisé | Verza | Col de Saboya . Klimaro F1 (Bejo). Brassica oleracea L. - Savoy cabbage Klimaro b NL 8. H. Kosaro b NL 8. H. Kvit a CZ 140.

Cabbage will be sweet if harvested in cool weather. Cabbage can be grown on a wide range of soils, but the crop is sensitive to soil acidity. The optimum pH is six to 6.5, and at pH's greater than seven the disease club root can be prevented. Cabbage is a heavy user of nitrogen and potassium and requires frequent side-dressing. SKU 3238 Category Cabbage - Giant Types This is the giant cabbage of all cabbages, an open pollinated strain that the Klimaro F1 Giant Red Cabbage. Feb 6, 2021 Red Cabbage: Klimaro F1 2020.
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Darkibor Organic Kale. Choux-rave. Kossak Kohlrabi. Citrouilles & courges.

12 Norseco 2019 | Vegetable Production Catalogue. Cabbage-Winter. EXPECT Y.R. F1. ZACAPA Y.R. F1. HAZELTON Y.R F1. ULTRA VANTAGE F1. KLIMARO  Cantaloupe Minnesota Midget.
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Farao. 63.

Very uniform and productive in the field and excellent in storage. Large heads weigh in at 6 – 8 lbs. SKU: N/A Categories: Vegetable Seed, Cabbage Seeds, Red Storage. Description.

Item code:11329.